Choosing the right color of paint for a room can be daunting, especially because once you have chosen a color and later decided that it was not what you wanted, there will be a lot of work to do just to have the color changed and corrected.

Therefore, in selecting the perfect color for a room, you have to be very careful, and very patient. After all, you don’t want to make the costly mistake of choosing the wrong color for a room.

Well, technically, if you’re choosing the paint color for your own home, there’s no such thing as the ‘wrong’ color. However, if you want to inspire a certain feeling in a room, it would pay to know what colors will encourage specific emotions.

In selecting a paint color for any room in your house, you want to factor in the emotion or mood you want people to be in as they enter the room. Certain colors can bring out particular moods for most people. For example, the color blue can inspire calmness, which makes it ideal for a bedroom or a baby’s room. However, red and orange can inspire warmth, coziness, and, depending on the shade, energy. So, to give your home library the maximum coziness factor, you might want to color the walls orange.

Another trick you can try in picking a color is taking a look at the furniture and home items you already have in a room and work from there. For example, the color of your furniture is a combination of white and blue, you can choose white or blue as your paint colors so that the room will have a coordinated color scheme.

Sometimes, picking out paint colors can really be exciting that homeowners go crazy and try to combine a lot of colors – please avoid doing this. In choosing paint colors, of course, you can use two or more colors in one room, but it would be better to limit the shades to a maximum of three colors in a room so your design won’t look sloppy and disorganized.