WIAD Presentation

We presented the results the first results at WIAD Barcelona last 21st for Feb.

The first results of the exploration show how creators (designers, developers, entrepreneurs, and professionals that make things for others to use) understand happiness and how they Architect for Happiness.

Even though creators work for happy users/customers, they don't use the word happiness. Happiness and wellbeing has been around for a while. Positive psychology theories and references are shared to understand better human well-being. In fact, there is new approach in design to create products and experiences to impact on human flourishing: Positive design.

We think that design for happiness is not only researchers. We hope this presentation invites creators to think more about it and look for it in their everyday.

En Español

In English

Data collected on the 2 surveys + Presentation Preview

This is an sneak preview of tomorrow presentation about the exploration on Architecing Happiness. For the time being is in Spanish. (The English version will come for whole presentation shortly).

In case you want to review the original data:

Survey A 

  • Public on the web from 12-21JAN. 
  • By invitation from: 12JAN-18FEB.
  • 53 participants
  • View the results

Survey B 

It has the same questions, but it's an improved version Survey A.

Talking to Karina Ibarra

She feels that working on a project that is about teaching kids is related to working for a better world and happiness. One person, one design, does not change the world, but it's with every grain of sand that we contribute to a better world. She says her project offers a new, disruptive way of learning: it helps kids to learn to think, and kids need to be in a happy flow to be ready for that.

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Talking to Aldo de Jong

Aldo de Jong is Co-Founder at Claro Partners and Startupbootcamp IoT & Data. He has an educational background in engineering and business. He feels lucky for his professional steps the innovation and creative industry, where he had the opportunity to work for GE, Eggo (today Piece of Pie) and Smart Design. Hi finally co-found Claro Partners and Startupbootcamp IoT & Data. He shared how happiness is an important value as a designer, innovator, manager and as an entrepreneur. 

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Talking to Itziar Pobes and Marc García

Thanks to Itziar Pobes and Marc García from We question our project (@wequestion), we dig into happiness and Service Design for public services.

They shared with us that they don't talk about happiness, they talk about satisfaction. Even though it's not the same, it's connected somehow. They also talk about engagement, not only for end users but also for the people involved in the projects (internal participants of the organizations). In this conversation we discovered how Marc and Itziar work to create a path of engagement/happiness between themselves and the project, the client and the project, and the end users and the project.

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Talking to Peter Bogaards and Xander Roozen

Peter and Xander are also getting ready for WIAD ENSCHEDE where Xander will be one of the Speakers.

We animatedly started  to talk about what you have to do as a designer to influence happiness. Designers have traditionally focused in making things easy to use. But can we -designers- manufacture someones' life, make somone's life better? It's a bigger and more complex than usual interaction that between human and an mobile app, or human and a product. 

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